is the best method for connecting the test wires to both the throttle I have a black and The scooter feels bumpy while being ridden. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. by James Dunham Wild Scooter Parts. The power switch should light up and scooter runs. The Razor pocket mod electric scooter is familiar across the whole world due to its ultramodern features. Not Available for Retail Sale Not Available for Retail Sale $11.01. Easy Installation! Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. This electric scooter is capable of carrying up to around 150 pounds in weight. The Pocket Mod has been built to certain Razor design specifications. Chain driven electric motor lets it go about 15 miles per hour effortlessly. 3.00-4 (10"x3", 260x85) Scooter Tire & Inner Tube Set (Standard) $17.99. It goes at a good speed for her , i even wanted one for myself to cruise around . The battery power going directly with two lines to the circuit breaker is correct according the Razor wiring diagram. am not clear on where to attach the bypass wire. They stated it needed new batteries....obviously not the case. Do not exceed the weight limit, go up a steep hill or attempt to tow objects. Razor e150 wiring diagram version 1 5. Razor e300 owner s manual. … 4 Wire Single Speed Throttle Test (Two Orange and Two Brown Wires) 4 Wire Variable Speed Throttle Test; 5 Wire Variable Speed Throttle Test I never heard back from him so I do not know if he pursued the problem and got it fixed though. The Razor Pocket Mod electric scooters have a large number of benefits, and these are completely environment-friendly. AMPLIFIER DA224-M 28/05/08• Differential input • Electronically balanced outputs • Fine adjustment of level ±6dB • Gain 0,+10,+24dB • Output impedance on 600Ω …, WAP200 - Small Business Wireless-G Access Point. May receive 8ah battery, … Razor pocket mod owners manual razor pocket mod troubleshooting guide razor pocket mod wiring diagram version 1 7. Ground force versions 1 6 wiring diagram. Razor E200, E300, MX350, and Pocket Mod Variable Speed Kit Brand: Dunarri. or over 1-4 Volts DC that is normal and the throttle is good. No Soldering! Unlike posts, which are displayed on your blog’s front page in the order they’re published, pages are better suited for more timeless content that you want to be easily accessible, like your About or Contact information. Can you please provide me the correct updated controller and throttle order info. If you need an electric scooter battery replacement or replacement batteries for electric bikes, find the right fit for your Razor Electric Bike and Scooter Batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs. 1. She loved it!!! Pocket Mod (versions 1-7) Wiring Diagram; Pocket Mod (versions 8-12) Wiring Diagram; Pocket Mod (versions 13-16) Wiring Diagram; Pocket Mod (versions 21-35) Wiring Diagram; Pocket Mod (versions 36-44) Wiring Diagram; Pocket Mod (versions 45+) Wiring Diagram Interstate battery just put the batteries in and conducted several tests on the batteries both together and separately to make sure everything on the battery side was correct. It’s explicitly required that documents, obtained from our resource, were applied for any purpose other than revenue-producing. PVT4308/PV-4311/PV-4315S/PV-4325S/PV-43.11-K, 2. If you do not do this you may order the wrong part! X98-0558. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE FOR ELECTRIC SCOOTERS 1) SCOOTER TAKES OFF-WILL NOT STOP – A) If the scooter is moving when you turn the key to the “on” position without turning the throttle you will need to replace the throttle or control box. good working throttle. X97-0510. Since the motor runs with the wheel off the ground that indicates that the brake lever switch is good so I do not think that we need to test it. Please continue to browse, For the Razor® Pocket Mod electric scooter use 1/2 bottle of sealant per tire. Certain conditions may cause the equipment to fail without fault of the manufacturer. I The document containing 4 pages. This does not mean anything bad just that most newer version Razor E300/E325 controllers are ZK2439HB-FS or ZX2430D-FS so I do not have a wiring diagram for the ZK2430HP-FS. These Pocket Mod scooters differ primarily from one another in the colors of their fairings, and many parts will interchange between models. No Luck….jumper did not make any difference bypassing either switch. The unit only worked for about 6 months and then kept going through batteries and now it has brand new batteries (for the 5th time) but still will not operate with any weight. POCKET MOD Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guide Issue Symptom(s) Troubleshoot Result(s) Possible Solution(s) Product Does Not Run Unit shut off while in use Lights on throttle do NOT light up Remove battery/motor cover & check fuse located next to battery Fuse burnt out … two lines to the circuit breaker does not seem correct…with no output?? The way toward expelling the battery from the razor scooter is a direct procedure. When you lift up the unit it runs and the rear wheel spins freely. I tried to fix it a couple of years ago after getting new batteries. Razor Pocket Mod E-Scooter has a trendy and awesome look. :_ 00LP_LP 0: SP/LPiSLP:,O_ O., ; SLP: Lessthan0.4%WRMS O: Lessthan0.015%WRMS -....1. Ground force wiring diagrams. A wheel is cracked or deformed. 0117071955 - FAX 011706210DA 224 DUAL 1x4 BAL. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, wiring, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, reviews, and more! Razor Pocket Rocket & Pocket Mod (Bella, Betty, Bistro, Daisy, Kiki, &... $14.49. Show details . Razor PocketMod 24V Electric Scooter Parts. The original equipment supplied at the time of sale was selected on the basis of its compatibility with the frame, fork and all other parts. Talking to a local repair technician, who may have the part you need, or may be able to repair your existing part. If the ZK2430HP-FS controller has a 5-wire throttle connector then it is most likely compatible with your 5-wire throttle. X97-0480. MKS930_V1337B3 "-._.iirder'Panasonic [VgS]Omnivision+PV.4308!P,V.4311PV-4315s/p,v-4325SpV-4351/p.yr.4358I000000-BdBVBO(_L_ o00._ . Betty - (Depreciated list - use "Pocket Mod" Category) ... Troubleshooting the Razor E100 Series Scooters; Troubleshooting the Razor E100 Series Scooters. For example, the E300 has over 41 different versions with 4 different rear wheels used on them. Throttle shows proper voltage and charge. Razor Pocket Mod scooters were made with various different throttles depending on what version the scooter is. I was just inquiring if I did not have to cut the motor wires to test....figured it out myself ...all is required is the use of standard wire connectors at the end of the plastic connector...they fit fine. Before: After: Figure 10 - Tail Light: Figure 11 - Headlight: Figure 12 - Headlight output in complete darkness: Figure 13 - Headlight visibility from 30ft: Figure 14 - Tail light visibility from 30ft: Posted by Philip Doolittle at 12:12 AM . The Razor Pocket Mod Scooter is designed with excellent specifications and features, which will help you ride the electric motor scooter conveniently. Working throttles have a power output roughly between 1-4 Volts DC. You can also try reaching out to Razor at 866-467-2967 to see … I get the instructions above. Vintage-inspired styling meets high performance with the classic Italian scooter design. …, 530CNC KnopfannähautomatCNC Automat for Button SewingBedienanleitung / Operating InstructionsAufstellanleitung / Installation InstructionsServiceanleitung / Service InstructionsPostfach 17 03 51, D-33703 Bielefeld  Potsdamer Straße 190, D-33719 BielefeldTelefon +49 (0) 5 21/ 9 25-00  Telefax+49(0)521/9252435 …, Color TVDirections for UseColor TVRead this manual first!Congratulations on purchasing this Philips product.We’ve included everything you need to get started.If you have any problems, Philips Representatives canhelp you get the most from your new product by explaining:• Hookups,• First Time Setup, and • Feature …, #,,=.304<-